Toasting Alex and KK

September First, just two months gone back
I got me a text, that I read on my Mac
“Hey Mr. Truesdale, it’s Alex… ” it was exactly like that
“I was hoping we could get together soon…. to chat.”
Down in OB, for a beer to enjoy
Lisa and Jeff you gave the world one fine boy

My daughter was getting married, and so I would cry
You might think that’s sadness, but you’re wrong and here’s why
When you boil life down, all the way to its core
You find just one thing, not a single thing more
You find a place of quiet, of stillness, of peace
You find special people, like a sister or niece
Your find a few friends, some old and some new
That you let be them, while you just be you
You find the sum of everything, what life is made of
You find just one thing, you only find Love

For Love is the glue, that binds us together
Love is the salve for inclement weather
Love makes us glad, and sad and afraid
It can even drive anger in a strange special way
It brings you a girl, with a funny nickname
To be by your side, while you do the same
Love brings us parents, we hope will live long
They guide us and hold us, even when we do wrong

And Love brings us children, sometimes one, sometimes more
If you grant me a moment, here are my special four
Patrick so gifted, as he showed here today
Evan amazes day after day
Kelli giving care, regardless of deed
And Brady lived his life, 100%, guaranteed

And now we have Alex, not one with my name
A welcome addition, I love still the same
He knew Brady first, they were tight and hung out
Alex wanted a date with the sister no doubt
But back in the day I know Alex heard
A message from Brady, for all boys, jock or nerd
KK was off limits, which he made very clear
So alone Kelli sat with no dates, year after year

Fast forward a lot, my next story to tell
Alex brought me a wrist watch, while I was going through hell
It was more than a watch, without a good chime
My oldest had worn it time after time
But rather than take it as we both mourned our loss
I gave it right back, and said keep it, never toss
Forward the years, with time on his side
Now Alex and that watch, joining KK his bride.
The watch is one symbol of this match that all started
with a friend, and a sister, of our dearly departed.

Now Kelli, my daughter, my world number 2
I have a few stories to share about you.
I can’t tell them all, or they’ll pull me away
But my heart filled with memories, has something to say
You started life crying, like most babies do
But you wouldn’t stop, not even for Boo
You screamed and you hollered, one day to another
It was really quite painful, for me and your mother
And now we all know, it’s just you, and that’s great
You feel things quite deeply, by far your best trait

But KK’s not perfect, as you will soon see
My four year old daughter, even once lied to me
The candy was clear, all over her face
“No Daddy, I didn’t,” she insisted in place
“Go look in the mirror,” I said quite amused
She came right back saddened and a little confused
The rest I’ve forgotten, the details all gone
But that face full of candy, will always live on

The rest of my speech, won’t be stories pint-sized
Rather how I am feeling, gee aren’t you surprised?
I could say I am proud, and I am, but what’s new
I’m proud every day, of the things that you do
You’re making decisions, that aren’t made for me
But that’s what I want, to see you break free
To be your own person, to be As You Are
For if you do that, you’re sure to go far

Love is forever, and that’s what I feel
As you two move forward, I’ll be here at your heel
Ready to help, if you want, and to listen
And I’ll watch over babies when you go beyond kissen
I’ll always be with you, from right here or a star
Watching, admiring wherever you are

So Yes friends, I am crying…and I hope you are too
It’s the purest act of Love, we ever can do
So please join with me, and let your tears rain
Toasting Alex and KK, the newest of Payne

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