Behind every great man

We’ve all heard it before…”Behind every great man, there is a great woman.” You can all judge the great man part as you wish, but the great woman–it’s certainly true for me.

So as I get The Office Stuff off the ground, I’m keenly aware that without the support of my wife, I’m nowhere.  Pauka’s Love and support is unwavering, it is without limit and it is authentic.  She lets me, be me, but also tells me, when I’m wrong.  She protects me, encourages me, calms me, and she laughs with me.

Pauka is definitely not “behind me”….We are a team, we are partners, we are one.

I’ve been here before, starting off on a new path, so I speak from experience….As you watch The Office Stuff grow, know that it is not without my better half.




  1. Hey Ken!! It’s me, Ken. Ken Cedeno from Brooks! I was sitting here chatting with another classmate, John Shulenburg, and reminiscing and thoughtI’d look up classmates. How are you!? So sorry to read about Brady.

    I never graduated from Brooks. Only stayed for a year before heading to Chgo to assist all kinds of photographers there and then to DC in ’89. I’ve been working as a photojournalist since then. Of course as it is the hotspot for politics, that’s what I cover most. But much prefer to get out and travel. I go to Honduras mostly to help out with a medical group documenting the work they do.

    Married to Kate for 13 years now. No kids. We got married way late. But all good.

    Hope to hear from you. All the best to you and the family.


    and IG- ken_cedeno

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