1,000 Days

A thousand days is a long time,
When it’s not time you want.

A thousand days feels like forever,
It feels like yesterday,
It has another thousand, right behind.

A thousand wakes, something’s wrong.
Something has gone utterly and inexplicably, wrong.

But there is nothing here to be fixed.

Mental confusion,
Physical pain,
Grief lodged in the breath.

And still…A thousand savored moments of
Laughter and Love,
Joy and Gratitude,
Hope and Belief.
Now deeper. Now richer. Now followed by &.

A thousand supporters,
Yet loneliness is inevitable.

Longing for
A thousand boring moments,
Just one more embrace.

Break down, let it out, shed the tears,
Every day, a thousand days,
Only to learn once more tomorrow,
He’s gone, forever.

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